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January 2024

Vernissage with 180 visitors

On January 14th, the opening of my exhibition “In Bewegung!” (“In Motion!”) took place at the Parktheater Iserlohn. Nearly 180 visitors followed the welcome by the theater director Niels Gamm and the introduction to my work by the art historian Dr. Carolin Krüger-Bahr. The exhibition can be seen until March 10th.

The PHOENIX flies

2.70 meters long, 1 meter wide and assembled from 1145 components: These are the technical data of my PHOENIX sculpture. The 72 wing elements raise and lower five times per minute. Not like the wings of a bird, but in the form of a continuous wave movement. An allusion to the ancient myth of an eternal cycle of decay and rebirth, an eternal ups and downs on the timeline.

November 2023

Logo for the first kinetic sculpture

The PHOENIX is ​​the mythical bird that burns or dies at the end of its life cycle and then re-emerges from its decaying body or from its own ashes. My first kinetic sculpture addresses this narrative of endless ups and downs. The logo is already finished, with a graphic reference to the sculpture’s electric drive.

October 2023

12th International Biennale for Miniature Art

I am pleased that my small sculpture was juried at the 12th International Biennale of Miniature Art in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The small sculptures may not exceed 10 cm in height, length and width. My little gold-colored but storm-torn flag “The End of Glory” is now on display there in the cultural center.

My first kinetic sculpture

My first kinetic sculpture is in progress – for my exhibition “In Bewegung (In Motion)!” at the Parktheater Iserlohn. The PHOENIX will be on display from January 14th to March 10th, 2024. The hanging sculpture is powered by an electric motor, consists, among other things, of 461 laser-cut plastic parts and has 72 moving elements.

September 2023

Artwork for roundabout in Letmathe

On September 20th, I presented my design for a work of art on the new roundabout in Iserlohn-Letmathe to representatives from politics and society. The slim pylon, 15 m high, carries an inclined disk that shows the network of streets in a reduced size. The work of art takes up an archetypal, basic design principle of carousels and is also reminiscent of the Kiliankirmes in Letmathe, which had its origins here and can look back on a 565-year history.

August 2023

First acrylic paintings on waste material

Sustainability and upcycling also work in art! My first paintings on old cardboard are ready. The subject and motif have been chosen in such a way that the works can be shown in my exhibition “In Bewegung! (On the Move!)”.

July 2023

Trailer for the exhibition “In Bewegung!”

In exactly six months my exhibition „In Bewegung! (On the Move!)” will open. That’s why I published a first trailer on July 14th. This trailer only shows my small dance pictures in ink on paper. However, the exhibition in the Parktheater Iserlohn will show several groups of works, including my first kinetic sculptures.

May 2023

10 years candleholder in Viersen

On May 19, 2013, the peace candleholder was included in the liturgy for the first time in the Evangelical Kreuzkirche in Viersen. The special thing about this chandelier is its base, which is made entirely of glass. The matt glass, which shines through the incident light, not only gives the globe optical lightness, but also bears the weight of the steel sphere.

March 2023

My first digitally generated concrete art

Concrete art is not abstract because it does not abstract real objects. It is based on mathematical patterns that arise purely in the mind. “Frozen Waves” is my first object of this kind, a digitally generated network of hexagons that is moved. The work will be part of my solo exhibition „In Bewegung!“ („On the move!“), which will be on view at the Parktheater Iserlohn in 2024.

September 2022

“I love my PETs” as NFT via UNPAINTED

My new short film “I love my PETs” is now available exclusively as an NFT in the art store of UNPAINTED, the platform for digital art in Munich. There are three copies of the 7 min 21 sec long video with a digital certificate.

New short film “I love my PETs”

In my short film “I love my PETs” I deal with the topic of recyclable materials and recycling. The video is a homage to the various possibilities of recycling PET bottles up to upcycling as the main actor in my film. With its ambiguity, the title alludes to my fascination with this widespread product. The trailer gives a first impression.

Digital works now also at Artsy

The Munich platform for digital art UNPAINTED is now also offering my work “Hope of salvation” to an international audience via the Artsy platform. Based in New York City, this online art trading platform develops and hosts websites for numerous galleries and sells art for its partners. I am happy that my works are included.

August 2022

Rewriting Bible signpost

For more than eleven years, the foil lettering on my Bible signpost had suffered from the sun. Now the texts are renewed, this time varnished. The six panels point the way to towns that play a special role in the Evangelical parish of Letmathe and in the Bible.

June 2022

A pane of glass against candle wax

I designed the globe candle holder in the Friedenskirche in Iserlohn-Letmathe in 1999. Over a hundred small magnetic candle holders can be freely positioned on the stylized globe. Now the one-off has received a new detail. The metal drip tray for candle wax has been replaced with a frosted glass pane. This underlines the formal affiliation of the globe candle holder to the baptismal font with its frosted glass cover and the four apostle chandeliers.

April 2022

First work at UNPAINTED

Hope of salvation is my first work exclusively available at UNPAINTED. The eight motifs are available as high-quality HD metal prints in two sizes each.


UNPAINTED is the platform for digital art – online and offline. Objects, unique pieces, prints and videos by renowned artists with a wide variety of positions are offered here. Since April I’ve also been there with exclusive, digital works. I am happy about the new cooperation!

February 2022


During my student days I had designed jewellery. I made and sold my own costume jewellery. Now I’ve taken up the topic again. This complements my other work and gives me a lot of pleasure.

September 2021

50 years of Galerie Kley

This year the Kley Gallery in Hamm celebrates its 50th anniversary. On September 19, the anniversary exhibition was opened with a successful vernissage on this occasion. More than 50 artists from the gallery take part in the group show. I am represented with three works.

The new brochure is available.

“Edition # 2” is now available in all galleries that show and offer my work. On 28 pages I give an overview of all my work groups, starting with the shadow paintings, portraits, acrylic paintings, qr art, trash art and design up to art for the public space.

March 2021

Online exhibition of the Kunstverein Iserlohn e.V.

Due to Corona, a real exhibition of the Kunstverein Iserlohn cannot take place this spring, but it is possible virtually. The exhibition “Ersehntes“ („Desired“) shows 49 paintings and a sculpture by 23 artists. All works can be seen in a thematic context with the pandemic.

February 2021

The TOP magazine Sauerland reports

Since February 5th, my QR art relief “Electrons” has been decorating the entrance area of ​​the Brinkschulte Medien GmbH & Co. KG publishing house in the Kaiserhaus in Arnsberg. The TOP magazine Sauerland presents the work of art on a double page.

QR art relief “Electrons”

This QR art relief is a homage to the elementary and an invitation to get involved in unusual perspectives and to look for the fascinating behind the obvious. The QR code formed by 443 spherical electrons links to my abstract short film “Electrons”. The commissioned work for the Brinkschulte Medien publishing house has been hanging in the Kaiserhaus in Arnsberg since February 5th.

October 2020

Newspaper reminds of my bridge house concept

On the occasion of the dismantling of the track bridge in Iserlohn-Letmathe, the Iserlohner Kreisanzeiger reminds of my bridge house concepts from the years 1999 and 2015. A still attractive idea full of flair and with numerous economic and ecological advantages.

German contribution to the WCAA exhibition in Seoul

For the 2020 “Jump Over” exhibition of the WCAA (World Culture Artists Association) in Seoul, I was able to provide the German contribution this year. From October 5th to 30th, my shadow painting “Köln Hbf” will be there.

September 2020

Solo exhibition in the HAGENRING gallery

From September 20th to October 11th, I’m showing 28 portraits in a solo exhibition in the HAGENRING-Galerie. Acrylic paintings take up the majority of this, but the exhibition also includes a work in oil and two experimental works with glass and acrylic glass balls.

My portraits in the Luxemburger Tageblatt

The Tageblatt is the second largest daily newspaper in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. In the September 5th issue, an article in the magazine features my two most recent acrylic portraits. The wonderfully graphically designed article makes it clear why the Tageblatt has won several awards for its design in the past.

August 2020

Showcases for the Friedenskirche

The assembly of the two book display cases in the Friedenskirche in Letmathe has been completed. The basic bodies, which are made of solid oak wood, are oriented in their design to the wall panelling and the furniture of the neighbouring rooms. In the showcases are an edition of Luther’s after-dinner speeches from 1568 and a Bible from 1683. The books are protected behind glass and form a valuable eye-catcher to the right and left of the exit.

July 2020

Poetry book “Let me feel life”

In my first lyric volume “Lass mich Leben spüren!” (“Let me feel life!”) I put photos of my paintings and sculptures next to the poems I wrote myself. In this way, text and images convey moods that everyone has already experienced. From the everyday observation to the great feelings that make life so worth living. The 52-page booklet is available in stationary bookshops as well as on Amazon.
ISBN 978-3751958806

May 2020

Portraits in the “Galerie am Stern”

Since May 16, the Galerie am Stern in Essen-Rüttenscheid, very close to the Folkwang Museum, has been showing a larger selection of my portraits. In addition to painted unique pieces in the format 90 x 90 cm, smaller hand-signed prints in limited editions in 40 x 40 cm are on display.

My first flying disc

Almost three and a half decades have passed since the first sketch on this subject. Now my idea has materialized for the first time, in the form of the Flying Disc 001. A hybrid structure with both technical and biological elements. This disc will dissolve due to the frictional heat in the atmosphere.

February 2020

Ambo for the „Kreuzkirche“ in Viersen

The new ambo in the Kreuzkirche in Viersen has been in use since February 28th. I designed the steel-glass construction based on the globe candleholder from 2012. The Ambo has a continuously dimmable LED reading light and a microphone holder, the incline of the reading desk is adjustable and small rollers at the end of the stand make it easier to move it.

January 2020

Interview in TOP magazine Sauerland

In issue 4 (winter 2019/2020) TOP Magazin Sauerland publishes a tow-page interview with me. The title “The world is a playground” deals with artistic diversity, digital works, future works and art in public spaces.

December 2019

Exhibition in the Arcadeon

The Arcadeon in Hagen, a multi-award-winning hotel, showed my shadow paintings and portraits from December 2nd to 9th in the spacious foyer and in the gallery on the upper floor and in the lounge areas. The exhibition was timed to coincide with the general assembly and the last club evening of the MC-Südwestfalen. One of the shadow paintings found a lucky winner in the Marketing Club raffle.

November 2019

City pillar handed over to the city of Iserlohn

On November 18, the Letmathe city pillar was ceremoniously handed over to the city of Iserlohn. Michael Scheffler, Deputy Mayor of the city of Iserlohn, emphasized in his speech the great importance of art in public space as an enrichment of life. From now on, illuminated reliefs show the way to the Letmathe sights and a locomotive and an airship circle in the wind around the top of the mast. They commemorate the commissioning of the Ruhr-Sieg route in 1859 and the legendary landing of the Parseval airship Charlotte in Letmathe in 1912.

City pillar erected

That was a lot of work. The installation took a good 18 hours, and the truck-mounted crane was on site from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. The installation took place partly in complete darkness. Luckily the weather played along: It stayed dry and calm. The Letmathe city pillar has been in its place on the Westspange in Iserlohn-Letmathe since November 15th.

September 2019

Globe candlestick for Aachen

Since September 8th, the globe candlestick has been an important part of the establishment of the Genezareth-Kirche in Aachen. With its stand made of European maple, it adapts to the form of the altar, ambo and baptismal font. The steel globe with its continents made of hand-formed aluminum offers space for 68 lights. I am happy to have designed such an important element for this outstanding sacred building.

July 2019

Membership in the Kunstverein Iserlohn

I have been a member of the Kunstverein Iserlohn since July 1, 2019. I would like to thank my friend Adolf Gottwald for this recommendation and look forward to a constructive contribution with the aim of being able to additionally promote art and culture in Iserlohn and the surrounding area through my membership.

April 2019

Work on the Letmathe city pillar is progressing

After cutting out the steel components for the Letmathe city pillar, the assembly and welding work has now been completed. The image shows the coupling with which the lower part and the upper part of the two-part sculpture will later be connected on the construction site. The next production steps are hot-dip galvanising and the powder coating.

Fish relief in the Friedenskirche extended

I was inserted further stones from the European Meeting of November 2018 into the “fish relief with peace stones” on the west wall of the Friedenskirche in Iserlohn-Letmathe. The second row is now formed by finds from Almelo (NL), Biel (CH), Chorzów (PL), Glauchau (D), Hall (A), Novocherkassk (RU), Nyíregyháza (HU) and Târgu Mureș (RO).

March 2019

New paintings for the exhibition 2020

The first paintings for my portrait exhibition in the gallery of HAGENRING e. V. arise. A lot of new work is to be added by the opening on September 13, 2020.

4th place out of 95

In the design competition for a memorial for the ‘Wasserburg victims’ of National Socialism on Heisererplatz in Wasserburg am Inn, my design came in fourth out of 95 competition entries. The models of the five finalists from the two-stage competition will be presented to the citizens of Wasserburg in an exhibition. The first place went to Dagmar Korintenberg and Wolf Kipper from Stuttgart.

February 2019

Order from Aachen

I am happy to design and manufacture a globe candlestick for the Genezareth-Kirche in Aachen. The outstanding ensemble of sacred buildings and community rooms was completed and inaugurated in 2018.