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Konzertflügel D-274

Frank Haase
Konzertflügel D-274
Shadow painting triptych: digital print on glass, laminate 2010
195 x 315 cm
– Commissioned work for a company in the wire industry –

A client from the wire industry, an upcoming 250-year company anniversary, piano strings for the renowned instrument maker Steinway & Sons in the portfolio: These were the key data for one of my most interesting commissioned works.

Steinway’s marketing department in Hamburg provided a high-resolution photo of the D-274 grand piano, which I processed electronically for the silhouette and divided into three sections for digital printing on safety glass. The panes are held frameless around three centimeters in front of the background plates with stainless steel spacers. For the background, I decided on a stage floor. A metal-colored plate in the shape of the instrument body forms a contrasting background for the shadows of the wire strings. A white background in the area of ​​the keyboard creates a similar effect. The shadows of the key contours make the keyboard appear three-dimensional.

When viewed from a distance, the impression arises that one is looking down at a concert stage through three openings in a ceiling. With its high-quality appearance, the entire work gives an impression of the complexity of a concert grand. It shows one part of the client’s product range and clarifies their quality standards.

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