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City pillar Letmathe

Frank Haase
City pillar Letmathe in Iserlohn-Letmathe
Public Art: Steel, 2019
150 x 150 x 650 cm

At the Stadtspange West, the connecting footpath between the end of the Lennepromenade and the city center, the city pillar Letmathe welcomes arriving visitors. Above a stylized globe, the sculpture of a flying duck points towards the city park, while a fish points towards the river Lenne. Above these two sculptures, five illuminated reliefs point the way to the Letmathe sights: to the Catholic parish church of St. Kilian, to Haus Letmathe, to the Evangelical Church of Peace, to the old town hall and to the rock formation “Pater & Nun” as well as to a cave. A steam locomotive and an airship circle the top of the mast in the wind above the artistically designed signposts. The locomotive commemorates the commissioning of the Ruhr-Sieg route in 1859, the airship commemorates the legendary landing of the Parseval airship “Charlotte” in Letmathe in 1912.

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