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Zeche Zollverein 01 bis 03

Frank Haase
Zeche Zollverein 01 bis 03
Shadow paintings: Digital print on acrylic glass, acrylic on canvas 2014
50 x 80 cm
– 01 and 02 sold, sale of Zeche Zollverein 03 via Galerie am Stern, Essen –

As an industrial monument, the Zeche Zollverein is a landmark of the city of Essen and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001. Personally, I am familiar with the complex of buildings and facilities primarily from the Red Dot Design Museum. In 2014 I made three shadow paintings with motifs from the Zeche Zollverein, one is still for sale through the Galerie am Stern in Essen.

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