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Out of my life…

Born in Iserlohn in 1968

Studied industrial design at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Design principles at Anna Oppermann
Projects under Prof. Odo Klose and Prof. Ulrich Reif
Collaboration on the book “Faszination Automobildesign” by Prof. Odo Klose
Graduated as a designer

Training as an industrial clerk

Additional qualification as a foreign language clerk in English at the SIHK

Study of general business administration at VWA Bochum
Marketing specialization
Degree in business administration (VWA)

Studied Business Economics at Avans Hogeschool B.V., Breda NL
Bachelor of Business Administration degree

Co-founder of the design studio “Taurus Design”
Ten years partner of Taurus Design OHG
Participation in over 200 design developments
Several national and international design and innovation awards
Development of utility models and patents

Employee of Lobbe Entsorgung West GmbH & Co KG
Corporate Design

Free artistic activity:
Painting, sculpture, architecture and design studies

Member of the BBK Bundesverband Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler
Member of the Kunstverein Iserlohn e. V.