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QR art relief “The dance of the trees”

Frank Haase
QR art relief “The dance of the trees”
Bark, MDF, steel, 2021
150 x 100 x 8 cm
– Sale: Galerie Kley, Hamm –

In front of a background in concrete optics, a symbol for the creative power of humans and their influence on the environment, 430 pieces of bark are mounted, which together form the data packages of a QR code and link to the experimental short film “The dance of the trees”.

The linked film shows the movements of tree tops in the wind in slow motion. It is an invitation to slow down with the aim of changing the viewer’s view of everyday things and developing an awareness of the beauty of the casual. The treetops do not move uniformly, but sometimes also in opposite directions. The slowly swaying trees and the occasional overlapping of the foliage exert an almost hypnotic effect when viewed.

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