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Art galleries and exhibitions

The following links take you to art galleries, institutions and companies that show my works or where you can buy paintings and sculptures. I am not responsible for the content of the linked pages.

2d code

Roger Smolski’s blog 2d code provides comprehensive information on the technology and applications of QR codes. A clear compilation of interesting campaigns, QR art and interviews. www.2d-code.co.uk/

Galerie am Stern

The art gallery “Galerie am Stern” in Essen represents me as an artist and shows a selection of my shadow images and portraits. www.galerie-am-stern.de

Galerie Hebler

The art gallery Hebler in Bochum lists me as an artist and offers my paintings. www.galerie-hebler.de/

Galerie Kley

The art gallery Kley in Hamm represents me as an artist and shows a selection of my works. www.galerie-kley.de

Galerie Udo Schmidt

The Udo Schmidt gallery presents art on over 900 square meters, including my shadow images. www.galerieschmidt.de/

Hotel Neuhaus

In the four-star Hotel Neuhaus in Iserlohn, art, culture and creativity are combined with an upscale lifestyle and sophisticated hospitality. Local and international artists show their works here. www.hotel-neuhaus.de

Kulturserver NRW

A directory of numerous cultural events: exhibitions, concerts and plays. Here you will also find portraits of artists, institutions and projects. www.kulturserver-nrw.de

Kunstverein Iserlohn

I have been a member of the Kunstversein Iserlohn, an association of local artists, since July 2019. The purpose of this association is to promote art and culture for Iserlohn and the surrounding area as well as the exchange and dissemination of artistic ideas. www.kunstverein-iserlohn.de


This American blog reports on current developments in mobile communications applications and presents news in the area of ​​QR codes. www.qrcodepress.com/

Sauerlandpark Hemer

Numerous cultural events take place on the former site of the garden show “Landesgartenschau Hemer 2010”. During this show (April 17th to October 24th, 2010) 24 of my multimedia “colours” were shown here. www.sauerlandpark-hemer.de


QR code blog by tagsolute. Interesting campaigns and areas of application for qr codes are shown here, barcode formats are presented and technical terms are explained. www.tagmotion.de


UNPAINTED is the platform for digital art since 2013. Inform in the Digital Art Blog. Buy artworks online at UNPAINTED artstore. I also have digital Artworks here. www.unpainted.net